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LIFE - December 4th, 1939 --
LIFE - December 4th, 1939 -- $39.88
Betty Grable Contents: (snip-it) Japanese Capture of Nanning Cuts China's Back Door Road On Sadie Hawkins, Girls chase Boys LIFE in a Blackout Buy Out
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LIFE - December 4th, 1939
LIFE - December 4th, 1939 $39.88
Dancing California CO-ED Contents: (snip-it) German Mines give Allied their worst week King George Looks down a new anti aircraft gun 10,000 mob wedding Buy Out
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LIFE - November 6th, 1939
LIFE - November 6th, 1939 $39.88
Planes over England Contents: (snip) Earl Browder Goes to Jail Hoover Dines on Hors Doves of Peace Hitler's Girl takes Pictures Photo Essay: Panama Buy Out
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LIFE - October 30th, 1939
LIFE - October 30th, 1939 $39.88
Greatest Dancing Couple Contents: (snip) German Hero - How he sank the Royal Oak Air Raids The Baltic Powers Play Photo Essay: Finland Close Up: Admiral Buy Out
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LIFE - October 23rd 1939
LIFE - October 23rd 1939 $39.88
Contents: Talk of Peace raises the issue of a new world order Muddy Road in Poland General von MacKensen Honors General von Fritsch Photo Essay: Buy Out
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Esquire - April 1963
Esquire - April 1963 $9.99
Esquire is a men's magazine founded in 1932, it later reformed itself into a more refined periodical with an emphasis on men's fashion. Some of Buy Out
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